Óscar F. Gonçalves
“Towards a experimental based clinical science: the Poincaré conjecture”


Full Professor, Chair of the Department of Basic Psychological Sciences at the University of Minho -Portugal and Senior Research Associate at the Spaulding Neuromodulation Center, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital-Harvard Medical School – USA. He held faculty positions at the University of Porto – Portugal (Assistant Professor), University of California Santa Barbara – USA (Assistant Professor) and Northeastern University – USA (Full Professor and Chair of Applied Psychology). He graduated in Psychology from University of Porto and completed two doctoral degrees: one from the Counseling, School and Consulting Psychology Program, University of Massachusetts, Amherst – USA; and another one in Neurosciences from the Faculty of Medicine – University of Santiago de Compostela – Spain. He is a licensed Clinical and Health Psychologist with board certifications in neuropsychology and psychotherapy. 

Prof. Giuliana Mazzoni is a known expert in memory and memory malleability, and in eyewitness psychology. Currently Full Professor at the University of Rome, La Sapienza, she held for many years a Chair in Neuroscience/Psychology at the University of Hull (UK). She has worked at several universities in Italy, the UK and the US. She has been the recipient of several awards by the American Government, the University of Canberra (AUS), and the University of Connecticut (USA), and awarded an honorary membership by the Cuzco’s Lawyer Professional Guild (Peru). She is a member of the governing board of the Italian Psychology and Law Society.
Publications: approximately 200 scientific articles in international journals, 8 books and many chapters in edited books, both in Italian and in English. Two of her books on eyewitness psychology have been translated into Spanish. She is regularly invited to give talks at scientific meetings.
She has been awarded numerous grants, including grants from the ERSC, British Academy, the Leverhulme Trust, the Wellcome Trust, the Royal Society (all UK), various Canadian Research Councils.



Pío Tudela Conference
María Teresa Bajo Molina, Universidad de Granada



Conferência Frederico Marques (Prémio APPE 2019)

Inês Fortes, Universidade do Minho
Paradoxical choice: when animals prefer fewer to more reward